Meet Me The Writer's Cat

It is super important to choose the right pet industry writer for your blog, website and newsletter

You should feel a connection to the person you choose to come along on your journey with you. So here is some helpful information about me and my (less helpful) companion, The Writer’s Cat. 

A bit about the writer's cat

The Writer's Cat is drinking out of a glass of water. She is the cat of Pixie Greatorex, blog content writer in the pet niche and pet industry

When I started as a freelance pet industry writer, I soon found out that if I leave anything for more than 1 minute it is no longer mine. 

The Writer’s Cat is a thief of everything except joy…pens, my desk, chair, water, and if you ever receive an email that looks like this ‘jjdfjdkfgfjdg’ know that she also commandeered my keyboard whilst I thought it was safe to use the loo.

Through her dedication and support, she has affectionately earned her title of ‘The Writer’s Cat’. So you can rest easy knowing that she works hard with me on every project we complete for you.

Here she is in action (looking especially cute)

Play Video about Pixie Greatorex, freelance pet blog writer holding a dark coloured cat alongside the words 'click here'

The Writer’s Cat has some brothers and sisters (I should not be allowed to name pets):

  • The Grinch
  • Chicken Nugget
  • Lord Mr Big Cat, the baby

A bit about the cat's writer

Pet blog writer Pixie Greatorex, holding a laptop

As a freelance pet blog, website and newsletter writer, I have one simple goal: to help brands within the pet industry grow their business.

Marketing experience

Having previously coached businesses in marketing and lead generation, I understand the power of inbound marketing (this is where your customers find you and not the other way around). This professional experience helped me understand how quality blogs and websites can make your pet business more visible online. 

I am skilled in utilising search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to help boost the visibility of a website making your business more likely to show up on Google for certain keywords relating to your niche.

Pet Business experience

Along with my son, I ran a pet-sitting and dog walking business for two years and this helped me to understand how pet owners think, and how particular they feel about the products and services they choose for their pets.

I am owned by 4 cats which has given me a lot of knowledge (see these fun cat facts). It is better to have your blogs, website and newsletter written by someone who is constantly immersed in the pet world and keeps up with industry changes and insights.

Writing and psychology experience

A talent for writing, research, and learning led me to achieve a First Class Honours Degree in Psychology and a diploma in Neuro-linguistic Programming.

I know that mindset is very important to delivering the best content and the best service for pet business owners. Self-development is a passion of mine and I am a huge fan of Tony Robbins. I did the famous Firewalk last year.

I understand people, pets, marketing, writing, and sales. What does this mean for you? I can create blog posts, websites and newsletters that influence customers to buy from businesses.

I realise that whilst businesses understand the importance of writing blogs, amazing websites and kick-ass newsletters, they often don’t have the bandwidth to write their own. So I can help businesses to meet this need.

I will make the experience of working with a freelance writer as stress-free as possible for you. From conducting detailed research on your company, finding appropriate keywords, and researching your competitors right up until you receive the final blogs, website copy or newsletters…these would now only be my concern. This leaves you free to carry on working on the other aspects of your pet business (like stroking all the fluffy pets…okay I imagine you do way more than this).

To go ahead, we can set up a day and time for a discovery call so I can understand your objectives, your business, the market, your customers, prospects, and competition. If we feel we are the right fit to work together we then agree on which package you would like, time scales for delivering the work, and then I will squirrel away working on your content. 

If you would like to set up a meeting please contact me using my contact me form or my email both linked here