Marketing advice for your pet business

Pixie Greatorex pet blog writer holding a cat next to another picture of her on a laptop
Why should you hire a pet blog writer?
Hiring a pet blog writer over a generalist makes sense when you consider the benefits to your pet business in experience and expertise. Not to mention the time you will save in having...
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Pixie Greatorex freelance pet blog writer pointing to the words 'The ultimate guide to writing the perfect blog title'
The ultimate guide to writing the perfect blog title
Every day, 8.5 billion searches are made on Google – that’s a lot of competition. Your blog title tells Google which of these search queries your blog is answering.  Get...
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Free download sign for a marketing guide for a dog walking and pet sitting business
Marketing Guide For A Pet Sitting And Dog Walking Business
If you run a small pet sitting and dog walking business then this free guide is for you!
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A content calendar for a pet blog writer. Sitting on top is a cat and a dog
Why your pet business should have a content calendar (how to get started)
Would your pet business benefit from having a schedule for your content? Learn more about how to use a content calendar here.
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Pixie Greatorex freelance content blog writer in pet industry
Don't Hire a freelance pet industry writer Until You Have Read This
3 important things to consider when deciding whether to write your own blog or hire a freelance pet industry writer. There are loads of benefits to having a business blog for your...
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Pixie Greatorex freelance blog content writer sharing the advantages of a business blog
11 advantages of having a business blog: inbound marketing
I suspect you’re here because you already know some of the advantages of blogging so let’s dive straight in.     Allow me to provide a list right here at the top...
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