11 guaranteed ways to have fun with your dog

Dog holding his paw up against a human hand on a blog post picture about ways to have fun with your dog

I am sure your dog find plenty of fun things to do on a regular basis:

  • Sniffing the crotch of strangers
  • Humping the couch cushions
  • Rolling around in fox poop

Okay, maybe only fun for them!

If you’re ever at a loss for new ideas of ways to have fun with your dog, this article is for you!

To avoid you rolling your eyes at me, I will avoid stating the glaringly obvious answers to the question of what you can do with your dog.

There are many more exciting and interesting things and I’ve dug them out, especially for you..

Apply to be extras on TV

The dogs you see on TV belong to normal humans like you and me. Anyone can apply to an animal talent agency provided their dog has the right temperament and is not phased by the hustle and bustle of a filming set.

Your dog will need a good basic level of obedience but they will stand out more if you also teach them some new tricks.

Tricks, training, and treats

You train your dog but who trains you?

White dog with brown patches opening his mouth for some treats

Luckily, there is a wealth of information online to help you master your new role as your dog’s trainer. You will spend so much quality time with your dog by committing to learning new tricks together.

Choosing the right treat is important for this mission because the tastier the treat the better the response from your dog. 

Lick You Silly sells nutritious dog treats that are:

  • Natural
  • Healthy
  • Low in calories and fat
  • High in lean protein
  • Easily digestible
  • Free of the nasties (like preservatives, grains, gluten, and chemicals)
  • 100% premium USDA-inspected beef or chicken

Treats and praise help create a paws-itive association between the new behavior and the reward.

Dog shows and Expos

Okay so now that you are a master at dog training you could enter a local dog show or competition. 

At the less professional shows, there will likely be many different categories:

  • The best-dressed
  • The waggiest tail
  • The best rescue
  • The cutest puppy
  • The fluffiest
  • The best paw shaker

There is something for everyone.

Don’t forget about the ton of dog expos you could take your dog to. These are very cool for finding alternative products and less well-known brands. 

Make new friends

That chat in the park with a stranger would be much more awkward on your own. The fantastic thing about dogs is that they connect you with other humans! 

Have a look on social media for a local dog-walking group and if there isn’t one then why not start one?

Suss out any local dog parks for some off-leash action and invite your friends and their dogs along for a playdate.

Once you have a community of four and two-legged friends you will be able to throw birthday parties for your dog…think dog friendly chocolate and you could even bake a cake (they actually sell cool kits to make pet cakes)

Small dog sitting next to balloons and a birthday banner. He is wearing a party hat with a bandana around his neck

A random act of kindness

Dogs sprinkle kindness wherever they go so you can seek out plenty of opportunities to spread a little happiness together.

Share the therapeutic benefits of your dog with those who need love and connection the most by visiting a nursing home together. If you can visit regularly you will make a huge difference; remember that some people don’t have any visitors at all.

Hunt down a charity event that you can both take part in. A quick Google search later and I found a 5k dog jog and a bathe-it-forward dog wash. If you can’t find an event then maybe consider hosting one.

This is like chicken soup for the soul and your dog is the star of this show.


Grab your map and plan to visit some new locations.

A higher number of hotels and B and B’s are now dog-friendly. This makes it easier to include traveling with your pooch.

Consider camping or glamping but keep your eye on your site neighbour’s freshly cooked sausages!

Small dog holding a sign saying 'I stole sausages'


This is such a great way of exploring new territory with your dog.

Small containers have been hidden throughout the entire world in 196 countries! You can find them using GPS coordinates.

The perfect excuse to go on an adventure with your dog.

When you find them something will be hiding inside. You can either replace it with something of the same or greater value or simply put back whatever you find. You and your dog then sign the log book and you are on to the next treasure.

To get started, create a free basic account and use Geocaching.com or the free app to search for geocaches near your location.


Doga is a dog-friendly alternative to human-only yoga!

Dog sitting on a woman who is lying on the floor doing a yoga pose

Consider your dog’s temperament, fitness, and boundaries before you add this to your routine.

If there is more chance of a ‘jumping all over you dog’ than a ‘downward dog’ it may be wise to skip this one.

Doga helps to:

  •  Create a strong, trusting bond
  •  Increase fitness
  •  Bring stress levels down

As humans, we are not always great at living in the moment. Your dog has this down to a fine art. Doga gives you a chance to practice being present and mindful.

Enjoying the little things

Small actions can make a big difference if you focus on finding simple fun to have with your dog.

Here are a few ideas to get you both started:

  • Run in and out of the garden sprinkler
  • Play in the leaves
  • Throw snowballs for your dog to chase
  • Get a bubble machine


You could book an actual photoshoot with a photographer OR you could enlist the help of a friend. Once you have your photos you could create a calendar so I say bring on the matching outfits.

Pug dog dressed as a mushroom next to lady dressed as a fairy holding a wand

Create a pet social media account

Is your doggo the next aspiring Doug the Pug or Boo the Pomeranian?

When you have decided which new experiences you are going to share with your dog, you could document your collective journey on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Pinterest.

You will create a whole load of beautiful memories to look back on! And you never know, other people may love your dog almost as much as you do.


I hope you feel inspired to start something new with your dog. Spending even more quality time with your dog will strengthen your bond and create some unforgettable moments.

Which new experiences are you going to choose? Maybe you have some of your own. Let me know in the comments.

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