Blogs for pet businesses

As a business owner, you might be in one of these two camps...

Why might you want to add a pet blog for your pet business?

Make more sales – Businesses with blogs get 67% more monthly leads (Demand Metric). It is your job to turn visitors into customers (I believe in you)

Build trust with your potential customers – be the expert and improve credibility! People are more likely to buy from a business they trust.

Rank higher in Google – By implementing search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies this increases your visibility online.

Keep your potential customers engaged, entertained, and informed – They’ll spend more time on your website.

Always have content ideas – Having a content calendar means you don’t have to come up with your own ideas (unless you want to).

Spend less money – Blogs cost less than advertising and last forever. Hiring a freelance writer costs less than employing a member of staff.

Build an email list – More traffic = more data = new humans to nurture.

Always have content for social media – Think of your blog like an old banger (but ever so slightly more glamorous). Break it down and sell it for parts.

The clients I work with tell me they don’t have the time or expertise to write their pet blog. You need a good understanding of SEO (that’s how to write blogs that rank on Google) and to keep up with the constant updates and changes. It is no longer enough to just be a great writer.

If you need help writing your pet business blog, please use this form to contact me or book a Zoom call.

Can I write? Have a look at my portfolio and you can decide...

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