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Tabby cat with his tongue poked out standing on top of a sign that says 'Why does my cat lick me?'
Why does my cat lick me? (8 fascinating reasons)
Why does my cat lick me? Find out 8 of the fascinating reasons why your cat licks you and even why those licks sometimes turn into bites.
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Chonky cat looking shocked
Do you have a chonky cat? Sending Out An SOS!
Honey, we are killing the cat 🐈Blep 🐈Chimken 🐈Floofy little candyfloss cloud 🐈Chonky cat These are all affectionate...
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TinTin and his dog snowy a wire haired terrier who are at risk of extinction
The Wire Fox Terrier is at risk of extinction (A sad day for Tintin and Snowy)
What do King Edward VII, Albert Einstein, and Tintin have in common? Tintin made his little white furry friend Snowy famous and the answer to the question...
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Betsy a rescue dog featured in an article about the benefits of adopting a senior dog
Should I adopt A Senior Dog? The 7 Reasons Why They Make The Best Companions
Adopting a senior dog is unlike any other experience. Let's discuss 7 advantages and benefits of rescuing an older dog and why they can be the perfect...
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Dog with pumpkin and Halloween bucket for his dog safe carob bean chocolate
Where To Buy Dog Safe Chocolate For Halloween
Where to find dog safe chocolate so that your dog can safely poke his nose in the plastic pumpkin Why is chocolate poisonous for dogs? Chocolate contains...
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Dog sat on artificial grass featured in an article about the pros and cons of artificial grass
The Pros and Cons Of Artificial Grass For dog Owners - Should I Switch?
Here are some things to consider before you decide to install artificial grass when you have a dog
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Hamster featured in a guide to owning and caring for a hamster
Owning A Hamster -The Ultimate Guide
Getting a pet is a taking a big responsibility for a little life. Read the ultimate guide to buying and taking care of a hamster.
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Cat making biscuits featured in an article about why cats knead
Why Do Cats Make Biscuits? (Here are 7 reasons)
Why do cats make biscuits; 7 of the most fascinating reasons why they simply need to knead!
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