Why should you hire a pet blog writer?

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Hiring a pet blog writer over a generalist makes sense when you consider the benefits to your pet business in experience and expertise. Not to mention the time you will save in having to explain the pet industry to someone who has had limited exposure to it.

The benefits of hiring a pet blog writer

Knowledge and experience

As a pet blog writer, I spend every day immersed in all things pet-related. 

This means I am up to date with industry trends, such as:

  • How humanisation improves sales
  • How and why the wellness and health sector is growing at an incredible rate
  • The growth of tech within the pet space
  • The increasing number of pet food niches
  • Why insects are being used as an alternative protein in dog foods
  • Why more consumers are buying pet insurance

These nuggets of knowledge allow me to understand why your customers make the decisions to buy the products and services they do.

Attendance at industry events

I attend industry events and spend hours chatting with pet brands about what makes their business and their products unique. (Check out some of my interviews from Crufts 2024 on my series called ‘Pet Business of the Week’ which you can find on my social media)

When trends are changing, if new perspectives are influencing your customers, the chances are someone in the middle of the industry every day will be hearing about them.

This gives me a massive advantage as a writer in the pet world because I don’t need to go away and spend hours researching the industry…that foundation of knowledge is securely inside my head.

Pet business experience

I am sure this does not apply to all pet blog writers but I previously ran my own pet-sitting and dog-walking business. 

So as well as being an awesome writer, I know how it feels to be a pet business owner. 

I understand how protective you feel over your business, and how much you will want to be included in the process of creating anything that is going to be seen by your potential customers. 

This is why I take a very collaborative approach; you can be as involved or as hands-off as you like (I also know how busy you are…which is why you are considering hiring a writer).

SEO Expertise

We all know people who are very knowledgeable about pets but as a pet blog writer I am also extremely clued up about SEO (this is a fancy way of saying tweaking or creating content so that search engines understand it and pop you on page one of Google)

I know how competitive the industry is and how important it is to have a website that allows your customers to find you. 

Ask yourself one question – Do my competitors have a blog?

Google them, the ones who are in the top spot on Google. Use the phrases you think your customers would use to find you, like

  • Dog boarding kennels in South Wales
  • Pet insurance for horses
  • Urine spray to stop cats peeing in the house

If they have a blog, this will help them to be in that top spot. And why does this help them to get to the top of the pile? 

Blogs allow you to fit more words onto your website (this is the simplified version).

This helps the search engines to understand more about what products or services your business sells. It tells them when your website or your blog can answer someone’s queries.

When Google is certain you have the most helpful answer to your potential customer’s question it will place your website on page one of Google. And that is how it works!

So it is not enough to have someone who loves and understands pets, you need to know that knowledge is combined with a real understanding of SEO. It helps if they are also an incredible writer and I will let you decide for yourself by having a gander at my portfolio.

A Pet Blog Writer will save you time

You won’t have to spend time educating me about the pet industry as a whole so it gives us more time to focus on your pet business and specifically what you bring to the table.


If my electrics were faulty and I had a choice between hiring a handyman or an electrician, I would choose the electrician.


  • They spend every working day fixing electrical faults
  • They are likely to be more experienced in fixing electrical faults
  • They are likely to have more expertise in fixing electrical faults
  • They will have the latest industry equipment to fix electrical faults
  • They will be up to date with any new specific industry training
  • They are unlikely to get it wrong which saves me time and money

The details might be different for writers but the principles are the same. 

Do you need to hire a freelance pet blog writer?

  • Do you have a website that is not getting enough traffic?
  • Do you even have a blog?
  • Do you have a blog no one reads?
  • Do you have a dusty blog begging to be updated?

Having a blog for your pet business has so many benefits and you may want to consider adding one.

If you would like to discuss working with me as your pet blog writer, use my contact form to book a Zoom call with me. I would be excited to meet you and see if we would be a good fit to work together.

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